Importance of Knowing where are you’re Nearest Hardware Store is Located

When you’re a homeowner, there are many responsibilities that comes along with that mortgage. This can range from a wide variety of things such as roof leaks, garage door problems, basement mold, etc. Having a set of tools in the house to use when an emergency occurs is very important.

Being owner of a roofing company, over the years we have come to know best hardware stores that are available in the community of Connecticut. The first one we have is Poster’s Hardware & Housewares, they are located in 2155 Black Rock Tpke Fairfield, CT very close to our location in Fairfield.

We often use their store to get quick tools which we need on the way to a customers house with a unique problem. This store does not deal in home appliances fixing but also other jobs such as painting, interior decoration, exterior decoration, plumbing, masonry work and much more. Their services are unlimited and are customized to your needs. If you’re passing by there, Check out good restaurants in fairfield.


The next Store we have is Benedict’s Home & Garden If you want to replace your existing appliance with new one the company gives you its best service to fix it at very competitive rate. They are honest specialists and very understanding of your needs while being backed up by latest technologies of appliances. They also provide you transport services for your home implements from anywhere in Connecticut. These guys are located in 480 Purdy Hill Rd

Monroe, CT that is not too far from our office in Monroe.



The other location that we use all the time is good old Home Depot that is located right by 90 Monroe Tpke Trumbull, CT 06611. We’re able to take just for minute drive from our spot in Trumbull, to grab an extra ladder or any last minute tools that is needed for extra steep roofs. This is a great location for home depot – they have some extra features that I don’t often see. Such as in the case of your home implement such as Dishwasher, Washer, Dryer, Oven, Stove, AC, Refrigerator or so on the company will restore them nicely. Their staff is very nice and capable to address technical matters in about your home professionally. We have known their workforce for a long time and can vouch that they are committed with work policies and ethics to provide customers with economical packages. You have not to bring your implement at our facility we offer services at your door step.


The last store we have on our list is very dear to our heart. It’s a rather small store made by a guy called Alex. He has been in the business for a long time and cares for his customers like they are his family. Since our main location is in Ansonia, we have gone to his store multiple times to get tools that we need for serving homeowners. The store gives you retaining services if you are completely unaware how to maintain your home appliances. Just a phone call will solve your this issue within possible time. Since we are located in Ansonia ourselves, This is the closest store our customers can go to from our business location – It is so close that some people even walk it.