02 Dec 2017

Top Restaurants in Fairfield – you must eat here if you’re passing by this place!

Fairfield, according to Wikipedia is on ninth on the list of the top places to live in the United
States. Although boasting of nearly 60,000 inhabitants it still managed to give of a “small town”
neighborhood feel. It is a place where you can kick back and relax. Residents and visitors alike,
typically enjoy taking walks, jogging or going hiking in many of the the parks and beaches. They
also have many fine dining restaurants and shopping centers to satisfy everyone’s needs. They
also have music and theatrical performances courtesy of Fairfield University near the our location and Sacred Heart
University, art galleries, historic monuments, marinas and lots of open spaces.

Whether you’re just visiting and not sure where to eat or looking to try a new restaurant, we’ve
got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Specialty Restaurants in Fairfield to better
help you with your search.
1. Shu Restaurant of Fairfield
They specialize in Szechuan cuisine and is authentic as it gets! My personal favorites are
their Dan Dan noodles and whole grilled fish with spicy sauce. The location is upscale
complimented with consistent Chinese décor and plating, and offers a fully stocked bar.
2. Safita
This is a local Middle Eastern restaurant with their most popular dish being the Syrian
inspired array of meals. Each dish is unique and delicious. Service is quick and courteous,
and their reviews says it all. Check it out here
3. Liana’s Trattoria
An Italian restaurant with one of the widest selection of meals. Although the location is
a bit small, their prices are reasonable and their food is amazing! If you’re craving Italian
food, there is no other place to go in Fairfield.
4. 348 Oyster Bar
The newly reopened seafood restaurant is a force to be reckoned with! First of all, the
bar serves delightful drinks that always seems to hit the spot, and their food is so rich
and tasteful. The crab cakes were meaty, the calamari was perfectly cooked and their
oysters were amazing. The old place was pretty good, but it’s now even better, making it
the best seafood joint around
5. Toto’s Restaurant
Tot’s is a Mediterranean restaurant that also specializes in Greek delicacies. They are
pretty popular so be sure to make a reservation to avoid waiting. The menu is small but
their meals are exquisite looking and also very delicious. Their service is definitely top
notch and very cozy, despite being a bit crowded.

Each of these restaurants provided excellent service and scrumptious cuisines. They add
to the variety of cuisines available in Fairfield providing unique meals and unforgettable
flavors to travelers and to our residents. They are closely located near to parks such as
the Fairfield Parks and Recreation, shopping centers such as Harry’s Corner, service
providers such as Valley Roofing and Siding and much more. For more information,
check them out online or visit them today. If you are in this location, You should live life and have fun in fairfield!