06 Sep 2017

Protecting  Homes in Connecticut from Hurricane Irma

Hurricanes are the result of intensified tropical cyclones. These violent weather phenomena often bring with it storm surges, high winds, heavy rainfall and a lot of flooding which can result in widespread damage to infrastructure, wildlife and can even shut down cities.

We are well in the middle Atlantic hurricane season and given the recent extensive damage and unfortunate events unfolding in the state of Texas from Hurricane Harvey, and with Hurricane Irma on the way, we should implement precautionary measures to protect our homes.

According to meteorologists, there is a possibility that Irma will make landfall on the East Coast as a Category 6 Hurricane as early as next weekend. We highly recommend, a quick check on your home because it is not uncommon with this level of extreme weather for roofs to be blown off.

The National Hurricane Center is keeping a watchful eye on the situation and will keep us updated. Once it hits the East Coast, there is going to be substantial rain and winds around Irma’s expected path. This strongly indicates that without any changes to Irma’s expected course, we can expect homes in Connecticut and down the East Coast to be affected by this unprecedented storm. Whether you are located in major areas in CT like Fairfield and Orange or even if you are further down the suburbs – you should check your homes basic framework along with a quick walk around to see any areas of concern such as siding or roofing. Always stock up on food and water as a precautionary measure.

Our roofs typically takes the brunt and full impact of a hurricane, which can produce winds in excess of 140 mph. Winds of this magnitude can significantly damage your roof by pulling off your roofing shingles, tiles and even cause damage to your deck. Having a well maintained roof can aid in minimizing damage from high winds and protect your home.

It’s never too early to be prepared and ensure that your roof is protected, especially being in the middle of hurricane season. Don’t wait till you have roofing issues. Get proactive and check on your roof or get a professional to perform an inspection to determine if your roof can withstand the upcoming weather conditions expected with Hurricane Irma. We know we can expect heavy winds and rain along with our typical CT winter season which we all love ; ) so be sure your home is ready for any storms or hurricanes and also winterized for the North East weather we are all accustomed to dealing with each year here in CT.

You can give us a call to perform any inspections or repairs on your roof or to book us in advance in case you feel you may incur any damages during the upcoming hurricane. Stay safe CT and always count on us to be here when you need us.

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