Three Unusual Fun Things to do in Connecticut

Connecticut is full of surprises, from yoga studios do to countless places to eat any food you want. As the Summers coming to an end all the tourists are settling down for little activities that their family can go to. We’re right at the end of September had one of the best things to start a list off with is the beer festival:

  1. 2017 Greenwich Wine + Food Festival

The person is known for this festival is called Scott Conant. He was the top Chef for the festival and the legacy for a long time. There are grumpy musical mad bands from rock to heavy-metal all across the park. Right middle of the weekend, there’s going to be a grand opening of more than 130-food tasting arenas where people can go and taste peace is often the Ford stock range from chicken fry’s to authentic Italian sausages.

  1. Antique Vehicle Show 

I don’t all states Connecticut has to be one of the top classy ones. There collection of old buildings and historic artifact shirt is quite large. Canada’s list of things one of the best events that takes place every year is the antique vehicle show, it is definitely a time when all of the older folks along with a lot of even the young adults really enjoyed looking at the evolution of the vehicles that we have to come to today. Mind you this is not a small list, this is a whole Carnival. Over 100 cars I going to get the shoal which are well over 70 years old. Then it gets more interesting when we can see various types of vehicles that has helped land and trade. We get to see how we caught back then in terms of what is going to make the transportation for businesses more efficient.


Youth Training Building, 75 Greenmanville Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

  1. Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off 

The third thing we have on this list is a very fun one for the kids. Add valuable thing we like to say it is really good one for the grandparents too. People often you’re about this event and they think it’s just some oversized pumpkins, Belinda fail to realize is that these are over 2000 pounds! Dick Harry using a forklift because it is too heavy for one person or even approval of people to carry it in the Safeway. This is then placed on a winning machine for cash prizes for the ones that weigh the most. Along with this fantastic event you can also expect some homemade cookies being sold by the neighborhood of Fairfield. Event is located in: Ballard Park, Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877 – It starts at 10 AM and ends at 3 PM.

Along with this wonderful event you are always welcome to visit our business in Fairfield, every Friday we have free cookies for all our clients and to any customers want to come by to chat and kickback. US a reader of our website are also very welcome